Friday, September 24, 2010

Economic Fundamentals - The Crash Course

I was listening to an interview with Chris Martinson on the survival podcast.

Chris Materson is a really interesting, intelligent guy with scientific training and a thirst for numbers more details can be found about him here.

He has a free video course that you can watch on youtube (click on the image above to view it). It is very logical and well cited. I would recommend anyone who is investing at present to spend some time watching this so they can understand the major financial issues that will shape the economy in the future.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meeting #28 - 9th September 2010

We just had our meeting Justin had made good progress on Buffetology. Giselle still has quite a bit of reading to do.
  • All buy a financial review and bring along with highlighter
  • Select one company we think is of good quality according to Warrens criteria

  • Read the parts of Buffetology related to selection of high quality companies

Next Agenda
  • Each of us Present why we selected the company we selected
  • Agree on three companies in the same market sector to analyse
  • Allocate a company each to then analyse to calculate a value range for the shares