Friday, July 4, 2008


A few years ago I got to my 30th birthday and I realized at my age I really should be taking my finance a bit more seriously. The problem with finance is that it is so deadly boring. To overcome this inertia I set up a club with some other friends in order to force myself to learn stuff about this wide ranging topic. In the club we have monthly meetings where we present to the group on topics of our choice. Luckily we all enjoy learning new things and it has worked out very well. We have covered a wide veriety of topics such as tax, reducing spending, buying property etc.

More recently investment strategy has become of more interest to us. We are based in Melbourne Australia and in Australia we have a mandatory pension scheme. These schemes are called superannuation funds and involve employee and employer contribution made to a private investment fund. You also have a choice to setup and manage your own fund. In earlier presentations we concluded that we had some deep concerns about managed super funds and have decided to manage our own.

We are currently embarking on setting up a self managed super fund where we are intending manage the investments by applying the principles of value investors such as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.The purpose of this post and (hopefully the supporting podcasts) are to share our journey on this task.

We hope that this may assist other people who are on a similar journey. I also hope that we me benefit from the feedback of others to assist us on our journey.

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