Friday, November 7, 2008

Personal Share Portfolio

I am still waiting for the superanuation to fully be rolled over to the DIY superfund. In the mean time I have purchased shares in the following companies in my personal portfolio.

  • ASX:Toll Holdings
    Calculation Spreadsheet
  • ASX:Cabcharge
    Calculation Spreadsheet)
  • ASX: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    I chose these because I thought I should have a bank. (I haven't a clue how to analyse a bank - I'll be honest I just put finger in the air and guessed on this one.)
  • NYSE:CBG CB Richard Ellis
    (I did some research into this one and it looked like a good bet (low debt good return on captial - good earnings and I though I should get into the property sector).

I bought these shares in late September. I bought Toll and cabcharge because they both seemed like good companies in strong market positions have shown consistently high return on capital and the prices were good.

Times are turbulent and the CBE Richard Ellis shares have taken a pounding but the rest are, for the time being, at about what I paid for them. That said my strategy is buy and hold so I am not too concerned what happens to the share price in the next (rocky 12 months).

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