Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calculating the Intrinsic Value of Toll Holdings

I have just bought shares based on my analysis of Toll holdings (for my own personal portfolio outside my superanuation fund). This is quite exciting for me because this is the first purchase I have made using some of the processes we have been reading about. I am quite sure its a bit crude but would love to hear opinions on my stab at calculation the Intrinsic Value of Toll.

 I also listened to the MD of Toll on the latest asx podcast how gave me an idea of their strategic direction which I was quite Impressed with. They seem like they have had some solid performance with a good idea of where they are going and also a good competitive envioronment - they just recoently bought a msjor competitor in Australia.

I am open to any advice? Things I have missed? Errors I have made? Have I missed the point? What do you think? Anyone? All advice is welcome

Please have a look at my spreadsheet Intrinsic calculations and let me know what you think!

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