Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do you roll out of a DIY Super fund

Roy and I met up yesterday to discuss our progress.

He has quite a bit of stuff to look at to help improve my first stab at analysing a company from a warren buffet point of view. We have also made a few baby steps to actually putting our money in to our new superfund. One thing we weren’t sure about was what happens if or when one of us decides to roll out of the fund? We were seriously discussing whether we should match contributions to make things easier. I called esuperfund today and was advised that basically all the auditing that they do is per fund member so thereby meaning that each individual is treated as a separate account (just the same as a usual fund). I suppose this is a standard approach for a DIY super. So it should actually be a pretty straightforward process


I think this is a good time to mention that the guys at esuperfund have been very helpful so far. The documentation we received when setting it up made the whole process much easier and they have been very helpful in answering our questions. It’s refreshing to speak to someone on the phone that actually knows what they are talking about!

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