Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting #30

Roy (briefly by phone)

Short and sweet meeting. At the meeting Justin presented his work on Infomeadia.

Revenue was erratic and dividend behavior seemed out of line with profit. Roy also provided a little insight but we concluded that there financials were to erratic to make continuing evaluation worthwhile.

It was also great to see a new face ,Olzhas, who had some good input on Infomeadia as well as some good discussion about things warren buffet and more general economics.

Next Meeting
Paul Ayling, Roy, Justin , Mandy & Giselle to evaluate JBHIFI. Olzhas to present some analysis on a separate company and also provide a buffetolgy checklist and some information from morningstar. Because Christmas is coming up we made the decision to have another meeting next week to keep momentum.(see calendar)

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